Revenue Growth & Marketing Strategy

Assess for Success

Start With the Facts. What Works. What Doesn't.
  • Explore one or two areas of your business you’d like to grow, automate or manage more effectively. With me as your guide, get clear on what your business needs to improve marketing & systems. Discover the most critical activities on which to apply your time and energy.


Rev Up Your Business With Strategy, Systems & Sweat Equity
  • In this 16 week program, move your business forward! Implement profit strategies. Automate your processes. Create and build systems. Delegate and outsource. Meet weekly one-on-one with me to strategically and systematically make your business and profits take off!

Brand Design & Website Development

Your business is unique, and your website should be too. A custom website will enable you to communicate effectively with your unique potential clients and customers. Your style and your brand will shine through to all your website visitors.

Today, your business website is the central hub for all your social media and other marketing activities. All roads should lead back to your website. Custom website design and development gives you the design and website functionality that works best for your business.

We’ll design and develop a custom website that conveys your business’ image. Your website will be responsive so it works on all devices. We’ll integrate your CRM system, order processing system, accounting system, scheduling calendar and more into your website. We’ll show you how to save money by making the majority of site content updates on your own.


  • First we’ll assess your current website (if you have one). What does your brand need to convey to potential clients and customers? The “feeling” visitors get has a huge impact on whether they stick around. How can we better convey your message and your brand? Colors, style, photos, functional elements and text content together formulate your image, your brand. You’ll come away with the tools to decide what will best convey your message.

Content Creation

  • Your new website calls for vibrant copy that engages your website visitors and entices them to explore more on your site. Static pages need content that grabs the reader’s attention. A blog with updated content will keep your site relevant and current with useful information for your visitors and will provide a search engine optimization boost so you can be more easily found in a web search. If writing is not your “thang”, we’ll handle it!